10 Tips on How to Get Best Customer Service Support For Your Dell Laptop and Printer

Dell is one of the leading companies that sell some of the best computer products like laptops, printers, desktops and other PC accessories to suit the varying needs of different customers across the globe.

Customer experiences for Dell products

Most of the Dell customer reviews and experience indicate a mixed response towards getting good customer services support concerned with dell laptop repair and dell printer problems.

Several consumers have shared their personal experiences, and some of them are quite satisfied with the customer services support given by Dell.

Few of them claim that they never had any problem with the Dell products like laptops, dell printers or dell ink cartridges due to the high quality products that were offered to them.

For a better experience, here are a few tips that you could follow to get the best customer services support from Dell:

Top 10 tips to get good support for Dell laptops and printers:

1. Keep your order number handy

If you have ordered a new Dell laptop or a printer and would like to track the shipping status, you can get this information through your e-mail order confirmation. You need to preserve this carefully to check for the product shipping status online.

2. Get in touch with the customer service representatives

There are different options that you could try if you need any customer care support which includes contacting the customer services representative through e-mail, chat or through a phone call.

3. Providing relevant information

It pays to provide correct information and give all the necessary details of your problems to the technical support executive so that they can offer you the best customer services support and guidance.

4. Use troubleshooting guides

If you are facing some minor problems with your PC, then Dell troubleshooting guides can be of good help which provides step-by-step solutions to various problems.

5. Do not lose patience with customer representatives

You need to deal with customer care representatives with a great deal of patience so that they can attend to your problems well and provide effective solutions.

6. Using the Dell support system

Dell support system is a support tool and software that offers all the vital information about the status of your peripherals, device, PC and network security with automatic updates on them. Network Assistant can help you in troubleshooting any problems related to set up and installation, managing network connection among others.

7. Join forums to get your queries sorted

Dell offers its customers an exclusive forum where you can learn, share your problems and experiences and get help on any of the issues related to your laptop repair and printer problems.

8. Contact Dell on call teams

The Dell on call team is available to provide 24/7 support and assistance to answer your queries and provide technical assistance. They can offer you assistance in printer set up and help in solving maintenance issues.

9. Using online tools like Dell Connect

Dell Connect is one of the coolest online support systems that can connect you with the support executive who can diagnose the problems and help in PC & laptop repairs using remote access facility. All you need is a high-speed broadband connection and your Dell PC must be under the warranty period to make use of these services.

10. Get help using the phone menu system

The phone menus are specially designed to recognize the customer number, order number or the Express service code and can directly transfer your call without wasting your precious time.

In you are confused and cannot find the numbers, just stay there and you will be asked a few questions which will lead through to the correct destination.

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