Common Dell Inspiron 6000 Problems and Solutions

Your Dell computer is a piece of excellently engineered hardware for various computer and network tasks. Despite that, it may sometimes give you hard time by encountering common Dell computer problems. In that case, you need a handy Dell support guide that helps you easily fix these problems without taking tremendous amount of time. So, below is a set of instructions for you to help get rid of those problems.


Blank screen

Shut down your laptop. When done, connect it to an electricity outlet and reboot. When the laptop starts rebooting and you see the Dell Splash logo, immediately press the F12 key on the keyboard. When in the boot device list, select Diagnostics and hit the Enter key. The computer will go through a series of tests for hard drive, display, keyboard, and system board etc.

Answer any question that appears on the screen during the diagnosis. If it detects any error, the computer will stop and give a beep. Write down the error code and skip to the next test. Press the Y key on the keyboard to skip to another test. Jot down all the error codes and their descriptions and contact a Dell technical support or Dell computer support service.

If the Dell Diagnostic assessment goes successful, you will see this message Dell Diagnostic Utility Partition. Press any key to continue. Hit the Enter key to reach the utility and select a test type from the available types viz. Express, Extended, Custom, and Symptom Tree. After having chosen and run a test, write down the error codes and their descriptions if any appear during the testing. Follow the instructions to resolve an error. Otherwise, contact Dell product support.

When done, close the Test screen and the Dell Diagnostic utility also. Reboot your computer. When done, check there should be no blank screen if the problem was fixed during the test. If the problem persists, move on to the next step. Shut down the computer again. Take a screwdriver and open the battery case. If you are not sure how to remove your laptop's battery, refer to your Dell computer setup documentation. When done, remove the battery properly and carefully without damaging its port. Now turn on the laptop without putting the battery back in.

It should come up fine. Go to the power settings of your laptop and change it to Never. Now put the battery back in, close the case, and tighten the screws using the screwdriver. Reboot your laptop once again. There should be no blank screen and you should see the normal display. In case the problem persists, contact Dell computer support.

Battery not charging

If the battery is not charging, your laptop will certainly not work. It is one of the commonest Dell computer problems. Check that the power AC adapter has the green light on. If it's not on, check from two sides, one from the laptop side and the other from the power outlet. Check that the cord running from the laptop is connected properly and firmly to the socket of the power AC adapter. If it is, check whether the adapter is properly connected to the electricity outlet or not. If it is and still the light is not on, plug the adapter in other electricity outlet and check back. If the green light comes on, there is a problem with the previous electricity outlet.

If the light does not come on even in other electricity outlet(s), test its electric voltage. If there is no electric charge in the adapter, replace it. If things seem to be fine with the adapter, shut down the laptop and remove its battery (mentioned in the first step). Wait for some time. Turn and hold down the power button for 30 seconds. When done, plug the battery back in and reboot your laptop once again. In case the problem exists, contact Dell product support.

Internet connection not working

Verify that you have an active internet connection. If the connection is facing a temporary network glitch, wait for it to be fixed. You can check it by the light on the network connector. If you are using a modem, check the lights on it. If there is no light or the light is flashing, it indicates that there is no network communication. Contact your ISP (internet service provider) in case it is taking too long for the lights to come on and stay steady.

If the connection is there, check that the LAN (network) cable is properly connected to your computer and the LAN jack. If it is not, plug out the cable and reseat its both ends into the respective ports of the computer and the LAN jack. Check your LAN settings. If required, log back in. Check back, the connection should work fine. In case of any problem, contact your ISP. If it's not an ISP-related problem, contact Dell technical support.

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