How to Fix Common Error Codes of Dell Laser Printers?

Dell Laser Printer Error Common Error codes gives the indication of the type of problems faced by the computer software or any other application program running into the system. If the Dell printer is not installed properly or it has technical faults it will definitely show an error. Here in this article we will help you to know about the indication of each error. This would help you troubleshoot many common problems with Dell printers. Dell customer support will give you proper assistance with any printer related problem. 

Error Code: 004-332: When your Dell laser printer will have cartridge related issue, this error code will flash on your computer screen. Start your printer again and if this error occurs again, then take the dell printer help to fix the problem permanently.

Error Code: 1200: When the cartridge of Dell laser printer is not fixed or adjusted properly, then the string of the printer has to be tightened. It happend with the printer after printing large number of copies that the rope of the printer becomes slack. So as to avoid these problems we should tighten it from time to time.

Error Code: 009-360: This error code has direct relation with yellow toner in the cartridge of your Dell laser printer. In such cases check the tonner and replace with the new one. This error can appear when you change the yellow but it is not compatible to the cartridge of Dell printer. Our customer support helps you Fix Common Error Codes of Dell Laser Printers easily.

Printer Head Error Message: This kind of error message occurs on the screen when the printer head of Laser printer is not properly cleaned. You can install software to clean the printer head or you can manually clean it or you can call Dell printer repair so that they could do it professionally.

Error Code: 016-370: When this error occurs you may have to restart your Dell laser printer. Printer must be switched off and then re started after reconnecting through the well established cables. If you see such error again, then do not wait anymore, directly call the technician for suitable solution.

Not Printing Black Text Message:  This is an error message which indicates that the power supply of the printer is not properly connected or may be it had some technical problem. So, set up the dell printer in a right way and do not forget to check the cable connections so that your printer runs uninterruptedly. Whenever you are stuck with laser printer related issues, consult a Dell printer repair support team.

These are some of the most common error codes or messages that appear on your screen. There could be solved with any technician assistance. But if your laser printer has some major issues you should consult professional technicians so as to ensure the safety of your printer. Dell Printer Customer Support Number 1-888-989-8478 is always ready for your assistance. They have quite skilled technicians who resolve our problems remotely and instantly. Geographical distance is never a barrier for them. 

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